Mogherini to Riga students: Important that Europeans pull together to face global challenges

Mogherini to Riga students: Important that Europeans pull together to face global challenges

HR/VP Federica Mogherini on Thursday underlined the importance for Europeans to pull together in the face of recent developments in Ukraine.

“There is a moral duty of Europeans to share and understand the fear that is coming back in Eastern Europe in the face of the developments in Ukraine,” she told an audience of students at the University of Latvia. Her visit to Riga came at an important time, ahead of Latvia’s EU presidency.

Mogerini started by reassuring the political science students in the audience on the value of studying political science, having studied it herself despite disapproval from some quarters.

She also spoke about the importance of Europeans, but also people in troubled regions around the world, working together through difficulties. She believes that sticking together is the most effective way of achieving regional and global goals. Acknowledging the complexities of Latvia’s and the region’s history, Mogherini used an Italian saying: “For acting well in the future you have to first understand the past”, further stressing the importance of the region’s historic heritage to current European affairs.

Mogherini voiced high hopes and expectations on Latvia’s presidency, as efforts are made to improve the EU’s approach to foreign policy, starting with working methods and also working on further improving policies. She pointed out that Latvia has a great deal of wisdom, knowledge and experience on how to deal with the neighbourhood. HR/VP Mogherini is sure that Latvia’s presidency will provide a good “co-thinker”.

In conclusion, HR/VP Mogherini mentioned 3 important events that will take place during Latvia’s presidency: the Summit on Riga on the Eastern Partnership in May, the European Council on defence in June and the EU-CELAC Summit.