Arab League, Lebanon, Jordan: at work with our Middle Eastern partners

Arab League, Lebanon, Jordan: at work with our Middle Eastern partners

I write at the end of a week when I have mostly worked with our partners in the Middle East. The week started in Egypt, last Sunday, with the first Summit between the European Union and the Arab League: here is what I told journalists before the Summit, and here is my speech. In Egypt I also had the chance to meet bilaterally with the Foreign Ministers of Jordan, Ayman Safadi, and of Tunisia, Khemais Jhinaoui.

From Egypt to Lebanon, possibly the most “European” Arab country and one of our closest partners in the region. In Beirut I met with President Michel Aoun, the Parliament’s President Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil and Interior Minister Raya El Hassan (press release here). With Prime Minister Hariri we inaugurated the new European Embassy in Beirut – a sign of ever closer and stronger ties between Europe and Lebanon. Here is my speech at the ceremony.

Then on Thursday I was at the London Initiative on Jordan: a country of immense potential, in economic terms and for its human capital, with a leadership who managed to remain wise and rational through these difficult years. In London I also met with Jordan Prime Minister Omar Razzaz. Here is what I said during the conference.

On Wednesday I was at the European Parliament in Brussels, for the opening of the World Congress against the Death Penalty: we Europeans believe in justice, not revenge, and we continue to work for the abolition of the capital punishment worldwide – together with civil society and engaging with the countries that still resort to it. Here is my speech.

During the week we have never stopeed working for Venezuela (here is the declaration I issued today on behalf of the Twenty-Eight) and to prevent an escalation on the border between India and Pakistan (here is the press release on my conversation with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi).