At the UN Security Council

At the UN Security Council

My first time at the UN Security Council, on invitation of the French presidency. This session’s focus was on EU cooperation with the United Nations, and I decided to stress my personal belief – which I know it is shared by most Europeans – that the only possibile world order, today, is based on multilateralism.

I will paste some paragraphs from the introduction and the conclusions of the speech, the full text is here.

Europe’s commitment to multilateralism – with the UN at its core – stems from our values and beliefs. But it is also an act of realism. The threats we face have never been so complex, as you very rightly said Mr Secretary General. They require complex, articulated responses. The time when super-powers thought they could split the world into spheres of influence is long gone – we should all realise that. The number of regional and global actors has multiplied. And none of them can realistically aspire at facing challenges, or truly benefiting from opportunities, alone. We need cooperation, more than ever. The new global order will be multilateral, or it will not be. (…)

Our Union, the European Union, is built on the same values, the same vision of a cooperative world order which led to the foundation of the United Nations, seventy years ago. In seventy years, the threats to peace have evolved continuously. So must we. Our tools need to be updated to the new challenges. But our hopes and aspirations – to save the next generations from war, to fight for democracy and human rights, to promote social progress – are still the same.

The European Union is confident it can play a key role towards a more peaceful future. We look for the cooperation of others, in the world, under the guidance of the UN. We will only succeed if we all do our part. We will only succeed if the Nations of our world are truly united.