Europe is what we make of it

Europe is what we make of it

Europe is what we make of it – this is the message we sent during these two days in Rome. The sixtieth anniversary of a united Europe has turned into opportunity to relaunch our Union. It showcased a strong and renewed will from the 27 Member States that will continue to build their future together. With very concrete steps, because the need for a united Europe has become evident in our citizens daily lives. It is a need for security and protection in a fragile and globalised world. But also an opportunity for growth for our firms, for peace in our region, and for rights that are truly equal for all.

In Rome, with all European leaders, we have committed to moving towards a more united Europe, with practical steps. And a more united Europe is also a more just, stronger and more compassionate Europe.

Here are some of the events from yesterday and today. I started my day yesterday on public tv (here is the video in Italian, on minute 48:12). Then a “Citizens Dialogue”, answering questions from many Europeans together with Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. During the day I also met with the Deans of European Universities, with the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (here is the video), with the young European federalists.

Yesterday evening I was with the European Socialists and Democrats – because Europe can create more opportunities and at the same time protect the weakest in our societies only if we, the Democrats, commit to this goal. Here is my speech, text and video.

This morning I was at the official celebrations for the sixtieth anniversary of the Rome Treaties, then at the Quirinale Palace with the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, ending two beautiful days of truly common work.

I conclude with a link to the words of Pope Francis, whom we met yesterday afternoon in the Vatican: he is a constant source of inspiration for those who believe in a fairer, stronger, more equal and more united Europe.