Federica Mogherini on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet

My warmest congratulations to the people of Tunisia on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the National Dialogue Quartet comprising the Tunisian General Labour Union, the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts, the Tunisian Human Rights League and the National Bar Association.
The Peace Prize rewards the architects of a unique transition towards democracy in which civil society played a decisive role in preserving national unity and democracy, making possible the adoption of a Constitution that protects the principles of a pluralistic society, the rule of law and human rights.
The Quartet’s determination and sense of responsibility serve as a model for crisis resolution in the region. Only national unity and the promotion of democracy pave the way towards peace and stability.
We pay tribute to the whole of Tunisian civil society and confirm once again our commitment to supporting its efforts, alongside the democratically elected authorities, to consolidate the democratic transition and ensure that Tunisia remains a source of inspiration and hope for people throughout the world.