HR/VP Mogherini addresses European Parliament

HR/VP Mogherini addresses European Parliament

Federica Mogherini, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, travelled to Strasbourg this week to address the European Parliament.

Mogherini’s first address to the European Parliament’s Plenary in Strasbourg focused on the issue of Palestinian Statehood. Mogherini used her remarks to call on all EU member states to develop a common vision for the path towards peace and to involve all the EU’s partners to achieve a breakthrough in the conflict. Speaking to a crowded room of parliamentarians in Strasbourg she stated: “We can be the first political player in the region to facilitate a dialogue. A dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians, but also a dialogue that for the first time really has the chance of being regional.”

The High Representative and Vice President also spoke to the Plenary about the rights of the child. “We have done a lot,” Mogherini said, lauding the work by the European Parliament in the field of the rights of the child and human rights more generally. She also stressed the importance of taking this work forward, as children are often the first victims to suffer from conflict, poverty and violence. “We have to take responsibility in external action,” Mogherini said. “The EU has made it a treaty objective to promote the protection of the rights of the child.”

The European Parliament convenes in Strasbourg for its monthly plenary session. In the field of external relations the November plenary also addressed issues such as the post 2015 development agenda, the preparation for the Lima climate talks, as well as a discussion of the last G20 meeting in Brisbane.

Other highlights were the presentation by European Commission President Juncker on the EU’s investment package for jobs and growth and an address by his Holiness Pope Francis.

Watch the HR/VP’s interventions below

1. EP Plenary opening statement by HR/VP Mogherini:

2. Statement by HR/VP Mogherini on Recognition of Palestine Statehood at the EP plenary

3. Statement by HR/VP Mogherini on the 25th anniversary of the UN convention on the Rights of the Child


Address by His Holiness Pope Francis at the EP Plenary session