Visit to Washington

Visit to Washington

On her first trip Overseas, High Representative/Vice President Federica Mogherini visited Washington to discuss key areas of cooperation on global issues and current hot spots as well as the future of the transatlantic partnership.

Speaking at a joint press conference with US Secretary of State, John Kerry, Mogherini said: “The strong partnership between the European Union and the US is in our DNA. It’s in our history and it’s our job to make it our future as well.” Mogherini highlighted the good transatlantic cooperation on Ukraine and Russia as well as on the global fight to counter terrorism. “This is not a fight between the West and Islam; this is a fight against terrorism that unites us all, Europeans, Americans, Arabs, Africans, Asians- everywhere.” The HR/VP also highlighted the joint work in the Balkans, on the Middle East Peace Process and on the post-2015 development agenda.

While in Washington Mogherini also gave a keynote speech at the Brookings Institutions on the future of the transatlantic relationship. “We live in an age of unprecedented complexity. The world is becoming at once more interconnected, more conflictual and more concentric” she said at Brookings. She stressed that transatlantic cooperation would be central to tackle global challenges: “In the new world we see emerging … forging consensus and building partnership is essential. The new world order … is not, cannot be, a zero sum game where increased influence for some necessarily means decline for others. It is a world where influence is, can be, should be shared.”

The HR/VP also highlighted the strategic importance of the negotiation on an EU-US Transatlantic Trade and investment Partnership (TTIP): “It’s a win-win project aimed at creating more business opportunities, reducing costs, eliminating administrative burden, stimulating growth and creating jobs.” Stressing the global relevance of TTIP she said: “It’s going to create the largest free trade area in the world. And by doing so, it will inject momentum into the development of global rules in areas where multilateral negotiations have stalled.”

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Remarks by the HR/VP Federica Mogherini at the joint press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington