Joint press release by Federica Mogherini and President of the African Union, Alpha Condé

The President of the African Union, Alpha Condé, and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs/ Vice President of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini, spoke on the phone on 18 November to discuss the terrible reports of inhumane treatment, notably of slavery, of migrants in Libya. Theyexpressed their total condemnation of these despicable acts and are firm in their resolve to ask for an immediate end to these criminal practices as well as to the trafficking of human beings.

Both support demands made to the Libyan authorities to undertake swift action, to fight against the perpetrators of such crimes and to bring them to justice.

The High Representative/ Vice-President Mogherini confirmed the EU’s commitment to continue its support tothe United Nations to ensure the respect of human rights, and to improve migrants’ living conditions on Libyan territory.

Positive cooperation between African countries and the UN to allow for the safe return of their citizens stranded in Libya was also evoked. The EU’s support to the IOM has also allowed to assist more than 10,000migrants to voluntary return to their countries of origin. At the same time the EU’s financial support to theUNHCR’s resettlement programme for people in need of international protection from Libya has allowed for the initial resettlement of a number of people.

The President of the AU and the High Representative also agreed on the need to pursue cooperation of the EU with African countries, including those of the G5 Sahel, as well as with the African Union to actively fight against the traffickers’ and smugglers’ networks.

The African Union and the European Union share the universal principles of human dignity. and are determined to working together to ensure their full implementation.