Statement on the release of Brigadier General Alzate and two other persons detained by the FARC

The release by the FARC of Brigadier General Alzate and of two other detainees is a welcome development and should allow for the early resumption of the negotiations between the Government of Colombia and the FARC in Havana.

The EU has supported the Havana negotiations throughout. They are a unique opportunity to put an end to decades of armed conflict that have caused countless victims and widespread suffering, and to build a peaceful and inclusive Colombia. The partial agreements reached on the peace agenda and the steps already taken as part of the discussions on victims-related issues bear witness to the important progress already achieved in the negotiations.

We encourage the two sides to make use of this fresh start in the negotiations to redouble their efforts and address remaining issues in a spirit of compromise, so that an overall agreement can be reached without delay. Kidnappings and other forms of unprovoked violence have no place in this process, and we call for the release of all remaining hostages held by the FARC.

The EU is ready to help make this process a success.