A global alliance to protect the climate agreement

A global alliance to protect the climate agreement

The Paris agreement on climate was a collective assumption of responsibility towards our future. Between a petty interest and a long-term one, the industrialised economies and the developing ones – together – were far-sighted, for once, and tried to fight back against climate change.

As we face natural disasters, humanitarian and economic crises, massive migratory flows provoked by climate change in different parts of the world, this deal is a true investment in our stability, security and sustainable development. For the whole planet.

We, as the European Union, will not change course. On the contrary. Despite President Trump’s announcement that the United States are pulling out of the agreement, we remain determined to fully implement the deal. There is no doubt about this, and I told it to Vice-President Mike Pence when he called me, last night, to explain the US decision to the European Union. We carry on and we are not alone: we are building a global alliance to face a global challenge.

For years now we have been building strong coalitions on the fight against climate change, with those countries and regions that share our resolve. With Latin America – as I could confirm during my visit to Chile and Argentina this week. With the African Union, and together we have just reaffirmed that cooperation on climate is a vital priority (here is the press release).

And with China. We talked about this at length during the EU-China Summit in Brussels, yesterday and today. Beijing has restated its commitments and the resolve to engage on the international arena in support to the Paris deal – as well as in support of multilateralism. They will also contribute to seeking political solutions to today’s crises, from North Korea to Libya and Syria.

And Syria remains on top of the European Union’s agenda. This morning I met with Riad Seif, the President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition, and Jawad Abu Hatab, the Prime Minister of the Syrian Interim Government, to discuss about a political solution to the conflict, our humanitarian support to Syrian, and the world to do with all Syrians for the reconstruction of the country, when a transition will be under way. Here is the press release.

Tomorrow I will be once again in Africa – my ninth time in these two years in sub-Saharan Africa. This time I will head to Liberia and Mali, to meet the Economic Community of Western African States (ECOWAS) and the five countries of G5 Sahel. Here is the press release announcing the visit.