We keep working, with even more determination than before

We keep working, with even more determination than before

I write on my way from Strasbourg to Warsaw, from the European Parliament’s plenary session to the NATO Summit.

It was an intense plenary in Strasbourg , with my presentation to the Parliament of the Global Strategy on foreign and security policy (here is the video), the discussion about our relations with China (where I’m heading next week for the EU-China summit – the video of my speech is here), the presentation of the Quartet Report on how to advance a two-State solution in Israel and Palestine (here is the video).

At yesterday’s session I also had the opportunity to announce some good news on the floor of the House: another baby was born aboard a ship taking part to Operation Sophia. The operation itself is name after a little girl who was born last summer on one of our ships. It is a small sign of hope, of life, of a Union that saves and welcomes. It’s Europe at its best.

It is also for this reason that our daily work goes on, the Union goes on, with even more force and determination than before. We have a united Europe, a space of peace and liberty: too often we take it for granted, and forget it has to be taken care of on a daily basis. I saw it very clearly on Monday, in Paris, at the leaders’ summit on the Western Balkans I attended together with François Hollande and Angela Merkel. If you look at our Union from the Balkans – a part of Europe that was still at war no longer than twenty years ago – you see the greatest dream of peace and integration in our continent’s history. At times, the strength and the appeal of our Union are move visible when you look from the outside, through the eyes of our neighbours and partners (here is my doorstep at the end of the summit).

This was also very evident to me during another important meeting, in Bruxelles, with the Argentinian President Mauricio Macri and Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra. It was the first time an Argentinian President came to Brussels in almost twenty years. And this is no coincidence, but the outcome of seven months of very intense and constructive work with the new government. It wasn’t simply a courtesy visits: our cooperation – on security, on the economy, on culture – has never been so strong. Here is the press conference that followed the meeting.